About us

New technologies are emerging every day, companies release and advertise loads of different technological products designated at businesses. However, making a choice from such a wide range of options is not easy. Especially when many contradictory opinions are around and they are difficult to understand.

Our goal is to enable global companies to access all these technologies. This way they will then be able to face the challenges of today and tomorrow with the latest and smartest technologies.


About Us

The rising interest of public (and private) entities in R&D is also evident in the news: “Investment will increase by 300% in the next 3 years”. Currently, there are many funding programs directed at businesses interested in R&D, however these businesses are often unaware of the available options or do not know how to go about the application process. The truth is, it’s not so complicated and we can help your business get the funding it needs.

In the past, the members of Deep Cognitive Science had to face the same doubts and challenges. It took a lot before we acquired the knowledge we now share with our clients. Our goal is to save your time & resources, helping you manage your business successfully.

We are a multidisciplinary, expert and highly motivated multidisciplinary and expert team formed by professional IT engineers, economists and graduates in Law with over 15 years of experience in R&D Management and IT Consulting.

All our departments (Technical, Economy, Law…) work closely together to offer your business a complete, integrated vision of where your business is and towards where it should go towards.

We have extensive experience and continue to increase our knowledge, keeping up to date with the many funding calls launched every day.

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Our principal aim is to choose the best technologies for you

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Provide a fully customized solution that meets your needs

Use new technologies to overcome the challenges of the changing business world.