Extract all the power from your data!

Learn about your business evolution everyday. Deep Learning technology and our latest, most sophisticated Prediction Algorithms will make the rest. They will help you take the best decissions for your business. Some of our customers have already improved their numbers up to a 50%!

Build up your own media platform!

Noixion TV is an open Multimedia Platform that enables creators to share their content directly with their viewers.

Someone who takes care of you

Industry 4.0, applied in the most social way. A therapeutic doll capable of interacting with the user. A great help for patients with various diseases for their daily tasks, and a great emotional support.

Protect your business against cyber-attacks!

Complete security audits: Code, Web, Mobile, Blockchain, Malware Analysis, Ethical Hacking. Consulting services for Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection and good Security Practices. Online training courses.