Deep Intelligence

Deep Intelligence is a sophisticated business tool that uses powerful Machine Learning algorithms and Cloud Computing to transform raw data into the most valuable information.

It also provides businesses and entrepreneurs with advanced chart visualizations to help them take optimal business decisions. It implements a simple design and an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Its versatility allows a general scope use or focusing on specific requirements and market sectors. 100% secure, 100% law compliant!

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Full Access to Machine Learning
Deep Intelligence facilitates immediate access to ML features. All our computing power and advanced AI algorithms will be at your disposition as soon as you begin using the tool

Multiple Data & Input formats
Deep Intelligence will extract all the valuable business information from all possible data sources; databases, plain text files, URL etc. This tool doesn’t miss out on any valuable piece of data

Advanced graphical charts
Deep Intelligence implements a large array of advanced charts: versatile graphs that will adapt to the needs of any business. Quick interpretation of the data for a better understanding of the key business information

Intuitive and user-friendly interface
It will help users make the most of powerful algorithms, facilitating decision-making in any business. It will help anyone in the company's decision-making chain, from senior managers to employees. 

Multiple customization options
Deep Intelligence is fully adaptable to customer needs, helping to the positioning in specific markets, such as genomics, aviation or fintech sectors. Every business sector, every company, can get profit of Deep Intelligence


  • No previous knowledge required
  • Data-share & Dynamic Dashboards
  • 100% secure! 100% law compliant!
  • No data size or processing limits